Extraordinary working capital loan

The intended purpose of the working capital loan is to finance working capital needed to overcome the temporary difficulties of an undertaking caused by the outbreak of COVID-19.

Applying for the extraordinary capital loan


The undertaking reads the terms of service and verifies compliance with these


After receiving a negative answer or a loan decision under unreasonable terms from the bank, an enterprise is able to submit an application to KredEx through eKredEx with all the required documents.


KredEx contacts the undertaking and provides feedback on the application


If the application is correct, the application will be accepted for processing

  • In the event of any additional questions, the manager will contact the undertaking


KredEx will make a decision and grant the loan

The main terms and conditions

  • The applicant and the group of undertakings related to it was not an undertaking in difficulty as of 31.12.2019
  • The loan amount is up to 700 000 euros with a loan period of up to 72 months (including a grace period of up to 31 December 2022). The potential main fields of activity of a loan applicant that is qualified for the loan have been provided in the terms and conditions of the extraordinary working capital loan.
  • The EMTAK code of the main area of activity in the commercial register usually indicates the activity of the loan applicant in the respective field of activity. If the EMTAK code entered in the commercial register differs from the above listed, but the loan applicant is still engaged in a field of activity that is a prerequisite for the implementation of the measure, the loan applicant may also use other evidence to prove this fact. In such a case, the appropriateness and sufficiency of the evidence will be assessed by KredEx
  • The loan interest is the 12-month Euribor + 4% per year and the contract fee is 0.5% with a minimum of 150 euros
  • A loan in the amount of up to 150,000 euros must have a security whose expected result of realisation is at least 10% of the loan amount. Loans with a higher loan amount must have a security whose expected result of realisation is at least 50% of the loan amount.
  • The enterprise’s equity capital ratio in the balance sheet is at least 25%; the ratio between estimated interest-bearing liabilities and the EBITDA is less than 7 together with the loan to be taken, on the basis of the EBITDA in the approved report for the financial year that ended in 2018 or 2019; in the case of an enterprise in the accommodation sector, it is less than 10.
  • The undertaking commenced business activities in 2018 at the latest and earned sales revenue on the basis of the approved annual report for the financial year ending in 2019
  • The applicant and the undertakings of the group of undertakings related to it have submitted all the required tax returns and annual reports
  • The applicant has not, as of 12.03.2020, paid any dividends or made other disbursements to the owners, thereby reducing the equity, or the owner who received the respective disbursement shall return it to the undertaking by the time of entering into the loan agreement at the latest in the original amount of the disbursement
  • Refinancing any existing loans is not permitted

Loan applications will be accepted until 30 November 2021.


The direct loan is intended for undertakings who have not received a loan from the bank

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